Today we’re talking about some of the best accessories for the Xbox Series X.

So if you’re one of the lucky ones who owns a Series X or S, hopefully today’s blog will give you some ideas on upgrading and improving your whole gaming experience. 

As always, if you see anything you like I’ve linked to it all so you can check that out.



First up we need to talk about controllers. So obviously the Xbox comes with a black controller as standard, but there are now loads of different colours and designs to choose from.

We’ve got the official colours from Xbox including the red and blue, then if you want something special there’s the 20th Anniversary controller that launched last year. These controllers don’t add any extra functionality over the standard controllers but they look pretty cool.

But, if you want to really improve your whole gameplay experience, maybe even have a slight advantage over other players, you’ll want to pick up an Instinct Pro controller from SCUF, which has removable faceplates, swappable thumbsticks and remappable paddles on the back. This allows you to customise the paddles to perform different tasks, ideal for FPS gaming.

And what I like about the SCUF controller is you can completely change the look just by swapping the faceplates out. On top of that, you can change the button colours, rings, thumbstick height, d-pad style and whether you want to add or remove the rumble. A pro controller will help you improve your gameplay.

Scuff Controller


Then there’s the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller, which is probably the best controller you can buy right now. This is similar to the SCUF controller in the fact it’s a Pro controller, but it’s better, and this feels like a premium product. The carry case it comes with is nice and it houses the controller, spare accessories, charging dock and USB-C cable, so useful for storing everything away and keeping it safe.

It’s got adjustable tension thumbsticks, trigger locks, custom profiles, 4 paddles on the rear and a 40 hour rechargeable battery. Not only does it feel like a pro controller with the rubber grips, it looks awesome too. 

This is THE controller to buy if you’re wanting to up your game.

Xbox Elite Controller


Remote Control

Next up, this little remote control. So the Xbox can be used as an all in one entertainment console. Gaming, streaming movies and watching your favourite YouTube channels. And when it comes to navigating the Xbox you can obviously use one of your controllers, or you can pick up a media remote. 

I think this is one of the nicest and easiest to use accessories you can buy, plus they are really cheap. It’s got all of the buttons you need and would use, and allows you to navigate your apps like you would on your TV. 

It lights up when you pick it up and use it, so it’s perfect for using at night.

Media Remote


Game Pass

Game pass is an absolute game changer. If you want to make the most of the whole Xbox experience you should definitely give this a go. 

Now there are a few options available. You’ve got Xbox Live Gold which lets you play online, then there’s Game Pass which lets you play and download hundreds of games from the library. And finally Game Pass Ultimate which combines the two services into one.

I’m using Game Pass Ultimate and it’s by far one of the best purchases you can make. 

It costs around £11 or $15 per month and it gives you access to an entire library of games. This includes original Xbox games, 360 games, Xbox One games and obviously Series X and S games.

The thing that amazes me though, it’s not just the huge library of games, it’s the day one releases we get to play. So games like Forza Horizon 5, Halo and Flight Simulator. Plus some games that aren’t even Xbox exclusives like Rainbow Six Extraction and MLB The Show. 

On top of that EA games are included, so Dirt 5, FIFA, F1. And with the recent acquisitions, we’re going to see more and more games added.

There are some proper gems on there that are worth re-downloading for that nostalgic feel.

Game Pass Ultimate



But if you do want to download more than 7-8 games, you’re going to need more storage.

The Xbox Series X has a 1TB internal drive, which gives us around 800GBs of actual usable space. I filled mine up pretty quickly over the first year.

So, now there is the official 1TB expansion card from Seagate which slots into the back of the Xbox and instantly adds 1TB of extra space. These aren’t cheap, but if you want to store and play Series X optimised games, this is the only way to do it right now. Plus it’s stupidly small and as it’s using its own dedicated card bay, it’s not taking up one of the USB ports. These come in 512GB and 2TB if the 1TB option isn’t right for you.

Now you can also buy and use external drives to store and play games from. I did this for the first year, but any games that are optimised for the Series X and S won’t play from the drive, you have to copy them back to the console.

1TB Expansion Card



Back to the controllers, and if you’ve got more than one controller, you might want somewhere to store them.

I’ve been using wooden stands from GeekMadeDesigns to display them on my shelves, but unfortunately the ones I have are actually for the PS5 so they don’t fit perfectly. However if you want something unique and different I’d recommend picking one of these up, plus they do them in different designs and layouts.

Wooden Stand


If you want something a little cheaper but still practical, there are these plastic stands that will hold two controllers. These will actually hold practically any controller so you don’t have to only use the Xbox Series controllers.

Another option, if you’re limited on space, is to use one of these brackets and clip it to the side of the Xbox itself. This clip works on both the PS5 and Xbox, but it now means you can display your controllers here instead of laying them flat on a table or your desk. These are cheap but actually pretty cool.

Controller Clip


Charging Docks

Now if you’re using the Xbox Elite controller it comes with an internal rechargeable battery and a USB-C cable, so you’re good to go. But if you’re using any of the other official Xbox controllers you’ll need to think about batteries as it doesn’t come with any.

A lot choose to go for the Play and Charge kit, which gives you a rechargeable battery and a USB cable to charge it. However I’d recommend picking up the PowerA dual charging dock instead. This costs roughly the same price as the other kit, and it comes with two battery packs and the dock.

PowerA Dock

All you need to do is fit the battery pack along with their own battery cover, drop it onto the dock and it starts charging. No cables and no messing around. It even lights up when it’s charging.

These are available in black or white, so you could use the white one for the Series S. They also sell the battery packs separately if you wanted one dock but multiple batteries.


If you’re playing online or at a monitor setup, a headset is a must buy and something I always use when playing with friends.

We’ve got the official Xbox wireless headset which launched last year, these sound great for the price range and keep your setup on brand if you want to stick with the whole Xbox theme. They support Dolby Atmos, have a cool volume wheel on the side and a 15 hour battery, plus it can be charged via USB C.

Xbox Headset

Now these can only be used wirelessly as there’s no 3.5mm headphone jack, but what’s great is you can turn the Xbox on by pressing the power button on the headset.

Another headset worth considering are the SteelSeries Arctis 7X. Now I use the 7Ps on my PS5, but I’ve heard the 7X headset is just as good for the Xbox.

SteelSeries 7P


And if you want somewhere to store your headset, other than on your desk, grab yourself a headset stand. The one above is from Grovemade but there are cheaper alternatives on Amazon too. I like their stuff and I often show it in different videos as the quality is incredible. (code SPAWNPOIINT 10% off)

Headset Stand


Thumb Grips

If you’re using the SCUF or Xbox Elite controllers you might not need them, but you can buy thumb grips to attach over the top of the standard Xbox controller sticks.

These will completely transform the way you play and are especially helpful with FPS games. Either the extra height or the different style of the grip means your thumbs will sit differently when you play.

There are loads of different brands you pick from, but I’d recommend either grabbing some Satisfye Pro grips or a set from KontrolFreek.

Thumb Grips

So what’s your favourite accessory for the Xbox Series X? For me it’s going to have to be Game Pass as you get so many games! But a close second is probably the Elite Series 2 controller, this thing is a beast!