Today we’re talking about the latest official PlayStation 5 console covers. We’ve got the Galactic Purple, which is one of my favs, Nova Pink and Starlight Blue. All of these launch this week on PlayStation’s website, and join the Cosmic Red and Midnight Black.

They look great alongside the matching controllers. I’ll even mix and match a few colours to see how they come out.

If you’re wanting to add some colour to your setup, this could be one way of doing it. What colour do you think is best for the PS5? There are now 6 to choose from.

Galactic Purple

Let’s start with the Galactic Purple. As mentioned this is probably going to be my favourite out of all of the galaxy-inspired colours this year.

The box it comes in is similar to the other PS5 accessories we’ve seen so far. It’s pretty plain looking but shows exactly what we’re getting. And inside we’ve got the two plates.

Ok, so the back plate has the disc slot and the front plate with the PlayStation icon cut out. But this colour looks awesome! It’s kind of colourful without being too vibrant, in fact I’d say it has quite a flat matte finish to it. It actually feels nice too, it almost feels chalky which I wasn’t expecting, similar to the Midnight Black version. This will probably mark easy though.

Now just like with the original white plates, these new coloured plates do come with some cool details. There’s the obvious PlayStation cut-out on the side which contrasts against the inside of the console. The Sony logo on the inside of the plate. There are also the icons on the back which you use to line up the horizontal stand. And finally the micro icons built into the texture of the plate itself. These are hard to see, but the fact they exist is incredible. If you look closely though you see tiny PlayStation icons on the inside, creating a textured feel.

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Right, now fitting the plates is really easy. Each box does come with instructions on how to remove and refit these, but ultimately it only takes a few seconds to do.

So first of all lay the console on its side. Now starting with the back-top corner with the PlayStation icon, firmly grab the corner and pull down and slightly out at the same time. The plate will now slide down and off. Grab the new plate, line it up at the bottom, and firmly press and slide up. You’ll know it’s fitted when you hear a pop.

Flip it over and do the same with the other plate. Pull firmly down on the top-back corner, making sure to slide down and out at the same time. Again line the new cover up, press and slide up and it’ll pop again.

The full Galactic Purple PlayStation 5 really does look awesome! Especially with the matte black centrepiece I’ve added to it. Yep, this is definitely the best colour they’ve released so far. And it looks awesome alongside the matching controller too.

As my setup is either black or grey, this colour really pops.

Nova Pink

Right, the Nova Pink covers next. Same as before, the plates are inside the box each wrapped individually. Now I knew these would be bright as I’ve already got the controller, but damn this thing is vibrant!

This pink is really bright. Obviously we’ve got both plates, front and back. There’s the same details throughout, like the Playstation logo on the front panel, again that contrasts nicely against the black console. The Sony logo on the edge of the plate and those tiny little icons on the inside. 

So popping the purple plates off and swapping them for these pink ones. And, well it’s definitely pink. There’s no denying that if you want your PS5 to stand out, this is the way to do it.

Over on my desk setup against the all black look it pops nicely. Now I’m not sure if I’d opt for Nova Pink in my setup, but I’ll tell you what, this is a really nice colour. Plus is matches the controller we’ve already got from Sony.

Starlight Blue


Next up, the Starlight Blue covers. So these are the same as the other two in the fact they come as a pair with all of the same details throughout. It’s probably slightly easier to see the logo and icons on this plate than it was on the other two, but either way it looks great.

The Starlight Blue PlayStation 5. What do you think? If you want that blue vibe in your setup, whether it’s stood up or laid down, this is hard to pass on.

And this, like with the pink cover, is really vibrant. Out of all of the covers we’ve seen so far, the Starlight blue and nova pink are definitely the brightness. Also the pink and blue have a more satin rather than matte finish to them, they don’t feel chalky like the purple ones.

When paired with the matching PS5 controller that launched earlier this year, it finishes off the full setup nicely.

Other Plates

Ok, now if you wanted to mix things up you could have a two tone PS5. You’d obviously need to buy two sets of plates, but if you had a mate who wanted to do the same you would only buy one set each.

So first up we’ve got a pretty safe combo. The galactic purple and midnight black. I think this is a combo that works really well.

Next is the starlight blue and galactic purple, I’m not too sure on this one. 

And here’s the final one. The Nova Pink and Starlight Blue. I think this colour combo absolutely kills it. It’s giving me Neon Switch or even 80s vibes. I only added these two together as a test and I think it’s one of the best combos if you want something to stand out.

Of course these are the three new colours, but we’ve still got the other 3 colours to choose from. There’s the Cosmic Red which looks great, a nice matte red finish to it. And the Midnight Black which is the safest and probably most popular choice to go for. Both of these launched back in January so they’ve been available for a while.

And not forgetting the original white plates. Going back to these makes the PS5 look really fresh and clean, but that’s probably because I’ve not used them for so long.

Oh, and if you wondered how the Cosmic Red and Nova Pink colours compared, here you go. I know the Red looked more pink or salmon, but comparing them to the Nova Pink they definitely look red.

Matte Black Centre

The centerpiece on my PS5 is matte black instead of glossy. I did this to prevent dust and fingerprints from showing up, plus it looks better in my opinion. This was a vinyl sticker from dbrand which I added way back, probably a month or two after the PlayStation 5 launched.

All Controllers

There’s the Galactic Purple, Nova Pink, Starlight Blue, Midnight Black, Cosmic Red and of course White. Then over the last few weeks I picked up two new SCUF Reflex controllers. These are the PS5 Pro controllers with instant triggers and mappable paddles.


As for the costs. These official covers are £45 or $55 and are currently only available to purchase from PlayStation’s website from June 17th. They will then go on general sale on July 15th. Now they aren’t cheap, but you are buying a full replacement set of plates here, so you can always swap back to the white ones.