This is the new SCUF Instinct Pro controller, which is SCUF’s first next-gen compatible controller.

It’s got remappable paddles, instant triggers, removable faceplates and 3 different profiles, plus no tools are required. But do you really need a pro controller like this? And what are the advantages?

I’ll do a quick unboxing, set it up and show you what features this new controller comes with and whether it’s worth picking one up.


And this is the Instinct Pro for the Xbox Series X and S. It will also work on the Xbox One, PC, Mac, Android and iOS.

Let’s get this opened up and see what it comes with. In the box there’s the new controller, which looks nice. I’ve gone for a steel grey and black theme, no surprises there. Then there’s the accessories box which comes with a spare set of thumb-sticks and a USB type C cable. And there’s also the manual. That’s it.


So even though there are more than 45 colours to choose from, I opted for the steel grey faceplate with black details. First impressions: this looks and feels really nice. I love the matte finish on it, and I think the colour combo works really well.

There’s the SCUF branding on the front here and the Instinct branding on the side of the controller. It’s subtle which I like. The only other difference looking at the front is the little mute button, which works on wired headsets, and an LED at the bottom. This little LED indicates which of the 3 profiles you’re currently using. The triggers on the top are similar looking, with some small texture changes, but overall they look the same and feel firm.

It weighs 280 grams versus the 287 grams of the standard Xbox controller.

But there are a lot of options available when it comes to customising the look of these controllers, and what’s great is no tools are required. The faceplates have more than 45 colours. So if you’re not interested in the plain colouring that I’ve gone for, you can choose one of these instead.

Then there’s the option to change the centre and sync buttons. The bumpers on the top, the thumb-sticks, rings, d-pad and the ABXY buttons. Any combo you’d like!


But around the back is where you’ll notice the big changes. As this is the Pro version it comes with a high performance grip. It’s rubber and textured, and definitely feels like it’ll do a better job of preventing slips.

There are some new buttons here that completely transform the way you play games. First are these four rear paddles. These are remappable paddles that basically allow you to assign other buttons to these instead, up to 16 different functions. This will save you from moving your finger from a thumbstick to pressing a different button.

Then there’s the instant trigger switch. This for me is a game changer. So when you normally press the triggers on top, for example shooting in Warzone, the trigger has a lot of travel. Well now if you flick this switch for either side it will turn those triggers into instant triggers. Now you’re getting the same result with a much faster response, it’s almost as good as clicking a mouse. This alone will make a huge difference in any online matches.

The little button below the battery cover is a profile button, this will let you set up to 3 different profiles, which means you can have different profiles for different game types.

Remapping paddles

Remapping the rear paddles is really easy. Start by tapping the profile button on the rear to cycle through the different profiles. I’ll use the blue one here.

Next press and hold the profile button until it starts to flash.

Now you can remap any paddle by pressing the paddle and the button you want to remap to at the same time. So if I wanted A to be the left paddle, I’d just press and hold them both together. Once all of the paddles are mapped, just tap the profile button again and it’ll save it and stop flashing.

If you want to remove a mapped button from a paddle, just map it to the share button and it will make that paddle inactive. The only buttons the paddle cannot be mapped against are the Xbox button, share button and the LT or RT triggers.

As you can set different profiles up, you can have a different colour for each game type you play.

Swapping parts out

If you want to change the thumb-sticks, faceplate, d-pad or anti-friction rings you can do this pretty easily.

Simply remove the faceplate by pulling the top part here, it’s magnetic so there’s only a little resistance. Once off you can see the controller underneath. To change the thumb-sticks just pull them firmly and they will pop off, then if you’ve got a different pair slide them back on. SCUF thumb-sticks are available in three heights and two different shape options.

Swapping the d-pad is even easier, this is magnetic and will lift off for you to replace it.

There are also some anti-friction rings on the front of the faceplate, you can push them out and swap those to a different colour.

What’s great with this is once you’ve bought the controller, you can buy different designs to give it a whole new look and feel. You don’t need an entire new controller.

Pro vs Non-Pro

I’ve mentioned this is the Pro version, but there’s also the non-pro model. The only difference between the two is the high performance grip and the trigger stops. Everything else is the same. So if you’re wanting those two features you’d need to get the Pro.


To get the controller setup for the first time, simply connect it to the console using the provided USB C cable. Once it’s connected it will automatically pair for both wired and wireless gaming. And that’s it, it’s good to go.


You might be wondering what the warranty is like on these controllers. Well SCUF offers a 6 months warranty on their controllers. Now for me that’s not enough, I mean I’ve never broken a controller before, but it’s peace of mind knowing that most things I own come with a 1 or 2 year warranty at least. So 6 months seems pretty short for such an expensive item.


I’ve only used this for the last 3 or 4 days, but so far it’s awesome! Now this is my first ever SCUF controller, so I’ve not got anything to compare it to except normal controllers. But these paddles and the instant triggers are a game changer for me. If you like the idea of custom paddles or these triggers for FPS gaming, I’d recommend picking one up.

So as this new SCUF Instinct controller is primarily for the Xbox Series X and S, I’m really hoping we see a PS5 version soon. I really want these instant triggers on my DualSense.

How about you, will you be picking up the new Instinct controller or are you hoping to see a PlayStation 5 controller from them next?